Westcon Group’s new software tools result in greater visibility,

productivity and standardization among all of its locations.

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers

Westcon Group Inc. focuses on continuous improvement in inventory management and strives to provide value-added services as the industry demands more than just pick, pack and ship services. “From a supply chain perspective, vendors and resellers define quality around inventory and shipment accuracy, supply chain visibility and how agile we are,” Vice President of Operations Kevin Brzezinski says. “Along with that, they measure how fast we can get a product on the shelf and ship to the end-user.”

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lenovo whitsett 6 600

Customer centric: Lenovo achieves supply chain success by aligning with customers.

By Jeff Borgardt

The supply chain team for computer manufacturer Lenovo includes talented executives and professionals from most countries around the world. “We are certainly a diverse global company,” says Jeffrey A. Culy, executive director of operations. “Our company background has a fairly rich culture in terms of managing supply chain. We consider operational matters one of the most important things in our company.”


One for all: SBA offers customers customized services that fulfill all of their logistics needs.

By Chris Petersen

SBA Global Logistics Services (SBA) specializes in helping its clients go a long way, and the company has come quite a long way itself. Founded in 1972, primarily as a domestic air freight company, with one office based at New York’s JFK Airport, the company eventually grew to multiple locations. Executive Vice President and COO Hann Livingston says the company now has more than 40 locations throughout the United States and Canada, serving an even mix of domestic and international customers.

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